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Triton ML-N 75Lt Twin Tanks
Code: FTM95aux
Unit: KIT
Shipping Specifications:
Weight: 26.00 kg
Height: 500.0 mm
Width: 1050.0 mm
Depth: 600.0 mm
Price: $795.00 (Inc GST) (Plus Freight)
Description: Mitsubishi Triton ML-MN 75Lt Twin Aux Tank Set (Stainless Steel) Twin tanks fit above spare wheel and use Std Filler with gravity feed to main tank

Made from 3CR12 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance.

Uses space above the spare wheel between the chassis rails and body. (spare wheel is retained). Two tanks are used and are interconnected to perform like a single tank. Fills using a Y filler in the main filler line to fill at same time as main tank.

A gravity connection drains fuel back into the main tank so the fuel gauge just stays on full for much longer than standard.

Note: This tank may be slower to fill in vehicles with rear suspension much higher than front suspension (due to location of the tanks).