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BOAB Roller Drawer systems utilise removable storage boxes mounted within HD frames fitted with roller bearing slides.    Designed for DIY installation or in conjunction with full fit-outs.   Some models are fitted with fixed or sliding tops and others have provision for you to attach your own top-deck or to build the drawer into your custom storage installation.

The removable box concept provides benefits such as - 

  • Easy to load away from the vehicle before a trip
  • Easy to carry to the camp or work site
  • Protection for your food or camping equipment away from the vehicle
  • Spare boxes are available to allow packing for different applications  (Eg: One set for a fishing trip but a different set for other camping trips)
  • Or Tradies can have one set of boxes for work and one set for weekends/camping

The removable boxes stack together and are fitted with catches to secure the lids.  The standard box is called a "Gomo" box which were originally designed to transport amunition and being made from ABS plastic are extremely heavy duty. 

Most systems are designed for DIY storage systems and require the unit to be mounted to a strong level surface. Eg:  19mm thick ply or board is ideal.

Download our Brochure with Prices & Dimensions from the Catalogues and Downloads menu tab etch.jpg

Gomo Box - Roller Drawer systems available in various configurations using the Gomo Boxes as the means for storage. etch.jpg
Wolffpakk Box - Some models of Roller Drawer are designed to accept these larger size boxes as an alternative to the Gomo box models.

 etch.jpg & rd05tn.jpg