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Light Weight and Compact Roof Tent with Shower Skirt

(Colours and Fabrics will vary from time to time)

40Kg Total Weight including Ladder and Cover;   200mm Height on Main Deck (+ladder 70mm) (2).jpg

 Shown with Shower Skirt erected (2011 Model Colour Scheme)

  Huge Windows with fine mesh screens open.jpg pocket.jpg rods.jpg roof vent.jpg
Easy access Large Storage Pockets (2) Quick Fit Awning over Door Anti Condensation Roof Vent (3).jpg (4).jpg[3].jpg[5].JPG
with Windows Closed for privacy and darkness  Shower Skirt with Screen Lowest Profile Roof Tent  Compact and Light Weight


Low profile design reduces wind-drag improving fuel consumption & overhead access. Up to 30% less frontal area.
·         Ripstop poly cotton canvas tent fabric for excellent ventilation and durability
·         Lightweight 40Kg, complete with ladder makes Feather-Lite suitable for the smallest vehicles
·         1300mm wide gives excellent sleeping area (2440mm long when open) yet still doesn’t overhang the width of the vehicle thus avoiding damage by trees etc when off-road
·         Telescopic aluminium ladder can be adjusted to different height vehicles – all ladder rungs have a comfortable flat top section for extra comfort when barefoot
·         Large fully screened windows on all four sides to ensure any breeze is captured. Fine-mesh screens keep out even small midgies and insects
·         60mm high density foam mattress in removable cover for maximum comfort. Some bedding can be left in the tent when closed. Mattress is over 2000mm long and has a gap each end for dirty shoes or drink bottle etc.
·         Side pockets inside tent for storing books or reading glasses etc, overnight
·         Centre overhead roof vent to avoid condensation and improve comfort in all weather
·         Fully insulated & laminated aluminium floor boards, coated in non marking ripple finish
·         A joint Australian and South African Front Runner design and made in China exclusively for Front Runner
·         Shower/Change room - very quick & easy to erect. Folds compactly and just 3kg in weight
·         Full Spare Parts availability in case of accidental damage to tent or hardware

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Feather-Lite Roof Tent (Specifications)


Closed: 1300 wide x 1240 long x 200mm high (280mm high over ladder section)
Open:   1300 wide x 2440 long x 1300 high
Weight: Complete with ladder – 40kg (unpacked)
Shipping sizes:
Main tent carton:   1350x1270x250 - 45kg (including packaging)
Ladder carton:       570x380x80 – 4kg (including packaging)


Supplied complete with a pair of aluminium channels, bolts and hardware to enable clamping over standard European size roof bars (up to 55mm wide x 35mm thick) OR direct to existing roof racks.
Simple one person operation: Up[1].JPG Up[2].JPG Up[3].JPG Up[4].JPG Up[5].JPG
Remove Straps
Undo zipper
Slide out Ladder
Pull down
And open….


Shower Skirt / Change Room (now included as Std)
Slides into rope rail contained within the main tent floor section, pegs to the ground and velcro attaches to ladder.
Includes screened window, pegs and straps.
Dimensions at base: 1400 x 1600mm
Weight: 3 kg
Shipping Dimensions: 600 x 180 x 180mm
Included in Price of Tent 




Ladder Extension
For use on very tall vehicles (over 2100mm from ground)
Dimensions: 550 L x 360 W x 50mm (min overlap 225mm)
Supplied in vinyl carry protector bag
Weight: 2 kg
Shipping Dimensions: 570 x 380 x 80mm