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Poly Universal Fit Diesel Tanks

Perfect for use in Ute and Truck trays or in trailers etc.  Not recommended for use inside vehicles or on Roof Racks or other unprotected applications but with suitable preparations and the use of the remote ventilation kit and suitable protection for the tank these sorts of applications may be possible.  Consult your dealer for advice on these applications.

These Poly tanks use the same compounds as the poly fuel tanks fitted to many new 4WD vehicles and include a Flourinating process making the tanks suitable for Diesel. 

The tanks can be secured with good quality tie down straps or other custom made brackets & straps.  Take care to avoid materials that could chaff the tank.

Capacity:  Poly tanks are roto-molded using an oven.  Tanks cool at different rates depending on the time of year and this can lead to different levels of shrinkage - thus to small variances in capacity between the same model of tank.  Stated capacities are approximate.

Important Note: The 55lt tank is fitted with a low profile breather fitting .  This may sweat fuel if the tank is over-filled or in off-road situations.  

If this is a problem, the breather can be extended to a higher/remote location if desired. To extend, replace the low profile breather with a brass hose connector fitting and add a length of fuel to connect into the vehicle's standard fuel tank ventilation system with a suitable size T piece (may vary slightly depending on vehicle model and application).  This work should only be undertaken by qualified personnel at a certified fitment centre or workshop.

A remote ventilation kit is available - refer Part No: FTUVK 



45 Litre Flat/Vertical Water Tank

(now with new design to allow for fitment upright or lying flat)

This clever design poly tank is extremely strong and shaped to fit either standing up or lying flat.

Nutserts top and bottom allow for easy mounting solutions including underneath tray back utes..

The tank has 1/2" brass outlets each side for connection of a hose and tap. This fitting uses std hardware plumbing thread to allow for custom installations.Or order our std hose or 12v pump kit.

Dimensions: 1090W x 580H x 90D mm 

Fittings:  1/2: BSPT Brass thread outlet each end.  2 x M8 brass nutserts top and bottom to allow fitment.


Also available in water WTP45FV


Item No: FTP45FV

Filler sold seperately (FTPFK1)


42 Lt Diesel Tank

With cut-outs for over the wheel arch in most Wagons and Dual Cab utes.

Width: 1295 mm

Height : 600 mm (30mm for cap)

Depth : 75mm

Fitted with 1/2” Brass outlet and adaptor suit 10mm hose,

Vent kit included

Also available in water WTP48V

Item No: FTP48V




50 Lt Diesel Tank Taper Universal Design

Width:     995 mm         

Height   : 345 mm + cap 25mm

Depth at Base: 195 mm         

Depth at Top:   140 mm

Fitted with brass outlet and adaptor for 10mm hose. Vent kit included.

?Also available in water WTP50T

Item No:  FTP50T






40 Lt Foot-well Diesel Tank


Fits across the floor behind front seats.   Due to internal installation it is essential that tank vent is extended to outside the passenger compartment.

Fuel would be transferred by a pump or transfer can (not included)

?Also available in water WTP40FW

Item No: FTP40FW




58 Litre Universal Water Tank

Ideal for use on roof racks or in the rear of utes.

Outlets on both corners alow for mounting either on base or on its side.

Nutserts at each end make for easy mounting in any situation.

840L x 345W x 235H mm

Filler sold seperately/


?Also available in water WTP60FV

Item No: FTP60FV

Options:  1.5m hose and tap kit (FTU55PK)

                  Filler kit (FTPFK1)




55 Lt Universal Poly Fuel Tank

Ideal for inside Ute bodies or Trays.  Can also be built into camper bodies and other applications.

Supplied as a bare tank with screw filler cap, brass vent and brass outlet connection suit 8mm hose.

Can be used to gravity feed fuel into the main tank or connected to a pump (not included) for other applications.

An optional fuel hose and tap kit is available.

Dimensions: 1125W x 310H x 200D mm
(to the top of the cap - height is 335mm)
The recess for the outlet spigot is 80 x 80mm (approx)

Item No:  FTU55P

Optional Hose and Ball Valve Kit - Item No: FTU55PK[2].jpg
[4].jpg Fuel Hose & Valve Kit

1.5m of high pressure fuel hose with a stainless steel ball valve On/Off tap.

Attached to outlet spigot of poly fuel tank to allow gravity feed to main tank.

If a permanent connection is required, it will be necessary to insert a T piece or similar in the main tank filler or fast fill breather line (parts not included in this kit)

Item No: FTU55PK Vent Extension Kit

Universal basic kit used to connect a BOAB Poly Fuel tank breather vent to a suitable 8mm fuel vent line in the vehicle's fuel system.

This is necessary if the BOAB Poly tank is used in for Petrol OR in any application where fuel seeping from the low profile standard breather fitted to the top of the Poly tank would cause a problem.

Note:  Check the vehicle's fuel vent lines to ensure compatibility as some vehicles may require a different size T Piece to be used to connect this vent line.

Contents:  2m 8mm diam fuel hose, 8mm T Piece, 8mm adaptor for fuel tank, 5 x clamps

Part No: FTUVK
Click to Download: Vent Kit User Instructions