Roof Racks


Dolium practically pioneered flat-deck roof racks in Australia, and now they’ve made a good thing even better with the introduction of the ‘next generation’ in flat-decks – the K9 Rak.

A true expedition-strength roof rack, the K9 Rak employs a fully-welded Aluminium deck with cross-braced longitudinal slats for greater support and carrying capacity.

Built around aero-section Aluminium extrusions, and with built-in harmonic damping thanks to the cross-bracing, the longitudinal front-to-back slat arrangement significantly reduces noise and drag.

Each slat incorporates twin slots which accept movable bolts giving the K9 Rak far greater mounting versatility than other flat-deck racks – it’ll even accept most other brands’ accessories.

The K9 Rak isn’t just stronger and quieter than other flat-deck racks – it’s also lower. With low-profile aero section extrusions and a close-fitting mounting system, K9 Rak gives you more clearance and even better looks.

Suitable for a wide range of vehicles, K9 Raks are made in South Africa by Eezi-Awn (a company with 32 years’ experience in expedition equipment manufacture) and supported nationally by Dolium (one of Australia’s longest-established 4x4 accessory suppliers).