Quick Fist 8pc Kit (90010)
  • This kit is a top seller, with 3 common clamps - all in the one kit!
  • A simple way to mount tools and equipment to a vehicle or other objects
  • Kit features:
    2 x Super Quick Fists (QF20020) - holds items 64mm to 240mm in diameter
    2 x Mini Quick Fists (QF30050) - holds items 16mm to 32mm in diameter
    4 x Original Quick Fists (QF0010) - holds items 25mm to 57mm in diameter
Item Code: QF90010

Shipping Dimensions

Item Weight: 0.00 kg
Height: 0.0 mm
Width: 0.0 mm
Depth: 0.0 mm
$98.95 (Inc GST) (Plus Freight)