45lt and 58lt Flat and Vertical Mount Tanks


19th December 2013


Introducing the new models of poly water and diesel tanks by Boab.


Available in a 45lt flat or verticle mount tank and a 58lt rectangular tank. both come to suit either diesel (yellow) or water (grey) and hold to Boab's high standard of quality and finnish.


With the flexibility to be mounted standing up or lying flat these universal mount tanks suit a huge range of aplications.


These tanks come with nutserts intstalled. These are not designed to hold the full weight of the tank but can assist in stabilising (stoping the tank from sliding). It is always recomended to support the tank with metal straps using the indents and holes.


Part No. Water Tanks - WTP45FV & WTP60FV

                Diesel Tanks - FTP45FV & FTP60FV


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Optional Extras:-


Filler Kit - Water - WTPFK1

                  Diesel - FTPFK1


Hose kits - Water Standard - WTPHK2

                     Water with Pump - WTPHK3

                     Diesel - FTU55PK


Water Pump - WTPump12V



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