Nat Luna 90 Twin Alum
National Luna 90 Lt Twin Fridge & Freezer Combo Aluminium including 5 Plastic baskets. LH cabinet 40 Lt - RH cabinet 50 Lt

The perfect "Combo" with a 50Lt Fridge and a 40Lt Freezer bin - but each with a seperate digital thermostat so it can also be set as both Freezer bins or both Fridge bins.

The 40Lt bin features thicker (63mm) insulation in the walls for maximum freezer efficiency and the 50Lt fridge side uses standard walls for maximum storage space.

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Item Code: NLR90A

Shipping Dimensions

Item Weight: 36.00 kg
Height: 640.0 mm
Width: 570.0 mm
Depth: 900.0 mm
$2690.00 (Inc GST) (Plus Freight)