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13th October 2015

New Eezi Awn Awnings

12th May 2015

New 60Lt Model Fridge

12th May 2015

New 55Lt Model Fridge

17th March 2014

National Luna Fridges


Weekender 52Lt Fridge Alum
National Luna 52 Lt Weekender Fridge-Freezer Aluminium Including 3 Plastic Baskets

The 52 Lt Weekender offers more storage capacity than some "other brand" so called 60 Lt models. Holds 84 standard 375ml cans and can be used as all Fridge or all Freezer.

Digital thermostat automatically maintains desired temperature regardless of whether it is a very cold night or a very hot day - no need to constantly make adjustments.

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Item Code: NLR52A

Shipping Dimensions

Item Weight: 26.00 kg
Height: 610.0 mm
Width: 450.0 mm
Depth: 750.0 mm
$1795.00 (Inc GST) (Plus Freight)

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